Be it a home or business, the popularity of flat roofing can be seen everywhere in England. If you are planning to change the old roof of your home or need to construct a new one for your commercial property – you can consider a flat roof instead of other types of roofing to reap all its benefits.

Your roofing expert will help you determine the right material, style and pattern for your flat roof according to your specific requirements and budget. It is always better to discuss with them before they start working at your property.

Roofing KingswoodBenefits of Flat Roof

Durable and Efficient

When you are looking for something durable and highly efficient for the top of your home, the flat roof is the best option for you. Typically gravel and tar structures develop their base that lasts for many years. Most flat roofs made from good quality products can withstand regular wear and tear, including minor damages for 30-35 years without any hassle.

Easy to Access and Maintenance

A flat roof is easy to access. You can reach the roof of your home just with the help of a ladder or a permanent metal or concrete staircase. Hence, you can maintain and clean your flat roof without any hazards. It becomes to keep the surface clean and remove build-ups because you can be there personally without any risks of falling.

Versatile Use of Space

Since you can access your flat roof easily, you can use this place for different purposes. A flat roof can store items that you generally do not use or cannot place anywhere else. You can keep an AC vent or something similar which you cannot keep anywhere in your home. On the other hand, you can create a beautiful garden area, an outdoor living space or a roof-top patio when you build a robust flat roof.


A flat roof is more cost-effective when compared to other types of roofing solutions available in Horley. Since it is a less risky roofing construction project, the labour cost becomes less as well. Making repairs and replacement also becomes less expensive when you choose a flat roof over tiles roofing solution.

JBS Roofing is a reliable and reputable roofing contractor in Horley. We offer a wide range of roofing solutions that include installation, repair, replacement and maintenance. Besides, JBS Roofing we can assist with any chimney stack job.

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